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Nov 11 2008

Overheard In Ms. McGee’s Classroom: 10.24

October 24, 2008: After reading a story about treefrogs, I thought it would be fun to catch one.  We named it “Rana,” Spanish word for frog.  Jose was thrilled! The rest of the class was thrilled!  Then Rana got out.  I told them it was because he heard it raining outside and amphibeans LOVE the rain.  Here are the funny quotations of the day:

Kylie: (coming out of the bathroom) Ms. McGee, I just used it, but I wanted to come back here and tell you that now I got to go number two so it’s going to take longer than I thought at first.

Aiden: (In genuine anger and frustration) Don’t name that next frog Rana because that other one up and “rana-ed” away on you ‘cause that’s what you had named him.

Teria: You find me a mommy frog and a daddy frog?  Ohhh, I met a daddy frog named Jerry one time.  But really his name was Jeremy.  He told a lie Ms. McGee.  Does that hurt your heart that he told me a lie?

Teria: (wailing) I miss my Booooty! Waaaa! (then in normal voice) That’s what I called that frog, Ms. McGee.



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